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Magento is one of the most powerful and versatile e-commerce packages on the market. A well-arranged and technically well-maintained shop allows you to be at the service of thousands of clients. But as you probably know Magento is not one of the easiest packages to work with. A good support and development partner is therefore crucial.

MDL Online is such a partner. We exclusively work with Magento and therefore are acknowledged with every nook and cranny of this impressive system. We deliver support for small and big issues or we develop new functionalities. We optimise as well small shops as big shops until they reach their full potential.

Expensive service contracts are a no-go when appealing to MDL Online. We resolve issues for a proper price.

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85+ Magento shops
under our maintenance

In the meantime, 85+ Magento web shops from around the world have appealed to us to benefit from our services. Services vary from a small design adjustment to a new template and from an extension installation to a Magento upgrade. Are you looking for a reliable Magento support partner without being stuck to an expensive maintenance contract? Please don’t hesitate to contact us to request more information about how we can be at your web shop’s service.

We were looking for a reliable and flexible partner for our Magento web shops. One who could easily and quickly meet our requirements and desires. MDL Online was and is the perfect match. We are extremely pleased with their prompt replies and...

- Gulay
Smartwares Group