The weirdest bugs
Found and resolved

Magento is confronted with a wide variety of bugs. From your web shop being totally down until a small feature which acts inappropriately. No matter the size of the bug, a resolution Is of course required.


Magento is a complicated system. Years of Magento experience makes us familiar with all common bugs and errors. Therefore, we can quickly identify and resolve them all. Quick action is a real requirement for your business since a web shop with bugs results into a decreasing number of visitors.

Sometimes we are confronted with some more challenging issues. For example, when theme X is combined with extension Y and Z and these result into a bad cooperation. You got to know it! Luckily enough we like a challenge. We investigate the issue and determine a proper solution.

A common Magento issue is the never-ending increase of log files. These log files can result in a wide variety of bugs. Moreover, it seriously affects the speed of your shop. We can resolve this issue! We are also at your service for any other task or project related to the speed optimization of your Magento web shop.

To resolve complex issues, we appeal to our experienced programmers. We also maintain good contact with various extension designers. When confronted with an extension issue we often appeal to them to find a proper solution.

We waren op zoek naar een partij die netjes en gestructureerd werkt. Maar daarnaast vooral diepgaande kennis heeft van Magento. Er zijn nu zoveel partijen die zich Magento specialist noemen dat het te lastig was voor ons om de juiste te vinden. We werken nu al een aantal maanden samen met MDL Online en dat bevalt uitstekend!  Om een voorbeeld te noemen. Een lastige bug in ons Magento factuur systeem…

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