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A wide variety of Magento extensions have been developed and can contribute to a more user-friendly and efficient web shop.


Many extensions are available for Magento. Nevertheless, not all extensions are available for each web shop and besides not all of them are reliable. MDL Online only appeals to experienced partners and reliable extensions.

Although Magento always offers a complete package, your web shop can be extended with additional extensions and plugins. These extensions can benefit the functionality, user-friendliness and conversion rate. A few examples of known extensions are OneStepCheckout, PostNL, Postcode.nl, Fooman Google Analytics and payment provider extensions like Multisafepay, DocData or Afterpay. Also complex drop shipping extensions are possible and we are happy to think along with you about business cases and custom-made solutions.

We install the extensions and your wish is our command with regards to the configuration. Of course we adjust the extensions to the design of your web shop. The use of various extensions can lead to compatibility conflicts but also an update to a newer Magento version can cause issues. Therefore, we always make use of a test environment when executing and designing adjustments and installations.

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