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Magento is known for its regular releases of upgrades and patches. Although some web shop owners consider these as annoying, it is of crucial importance the patches are installed to guarantee a safe and secure shop.


By means of Magereport we check which patches still need to be rolled out on your website. Already an MDL Online customer? We keep you informed when a new patch is released.

Besides the fact that patches resolve security breaches, the latest upgrade version of Magento also contains security updates and bug fixes. Additionally, the latest versions also contain new features and functionalities which can add that little extra to your web shop. MDL Online can also upgrade your website to the latest version of Magento 1 or transfer it to Magento 2.

We recommend the roll out of upgrades and other significant changes to your web shop in a test environment first. MDL Online can also create a test site on your behalf. The big advantage for you and possible visitors of your website is that they will not experience the background work performed on your website.

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