Support and development

About Matten-Online

Matten-online delivers custom-made car mats which you can be personally configured. Since 2003 matten-online offers car mats via their web shop worldwide.


MDL Online has designed and implemented two new templates for Matten-online. The user-friendly menu to choose the car mats is custom-made, as well as the product reviews which are shown. Moreover, we maintain the server and we keep this web shop up-to-date with regards to patches and upgrades.


  • Design adjustments
  • Extensions
  • Bug fixes
  • Custom-made functionalities
  • Patches and upgrades
  • Server maintenance
  • Speed optimization

Take a look at and

We are working closely together with MDL Online since about 2015. From the start we have been very happy customers. Their methods, their communication skills and the delivered projects are always to our satisfaction. No expensive maintenance contracts, but clear communication in advance, a fast service and above all contextual Magento knowledge. This is what we need and this is what we get from MDL Online.

Their good, contextual Magento knowledge helps them to resolve the small and big issues we are confronted with. No matter if it is the installation of a new security update, the design of a new template or adding a button to the website, it goes fast and well-structured.

In short: a good choice.


- Johan

Some of our executed tasks for

Responsive custom-made template

In 2015 a complete and new responsive template was designed and installed for The new template allows visitors to find the desired car mat by filtering on brand, type and manufacture date. The template displays an accessible shop on all (mobile) devices. Custom-made features and various extensions, like a responsive onestepcheckout, have been used. In 2016 we also designed and installed a responsive template for

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Speed optimization

A fast web shop benefits from a higher conversion rate. Magento is not known for being the fastest system but luckily a lot of optimization possibilities are offered, for each shop.

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