Support and development

About Roege International

Roege International delivers among others rubber threshold accessories and possesses the largest European assortment.


Roege International has a Magento multistore installation and delivers her products worldwide to as well private persons as business clients.

  • Magento multistore
  • Onestep checkout


  • Design adjustments
  • Extensions
  • Bug fixes
  • Patches & upgrades
  • Server maintenance

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We weren’t really happy with our Magento support service and during our quest to find a new support service we bumped into MDL Online. We were looking for a company that could resolve little issues in the blink of an eye, that reacts with the speed of light and that is also able to meet with the customer itself. We found that company…MDL Online. Our first chat was a very pleasant one and also afterwards we cooperated on a high and smooth level.

MDL Online isn’t interested in quick money but they are interested in building a long-term relationship which benefits all concerned parties.

- Margriet
Roege International

Some of our executed tasks for Roege International

Patches & Upgrades

Magento is known for its regular releases of upgrades and patches. Although some web shop owners consider these as annoying, it is of crucial importance the patches are installed to guarantee a safe and secure shop and to protect your shop against hackers.

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Server maintenance

To prevent safety breaches, it is of crucial importance to keep your server software up-to-date. Serious security breaches roll out the red carpet for hackers to access your website.

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